At Vermicure we offer a monthly programme that allows businesses the peace of mind that should they have pest infestations, Vermicure will be there to find and solve the issue. If your business experiences regular problems this service will provide great value and is perfect for landlords, hospitals, schools and many other service sector firms. At Vermicure we know the importance of discretion and will respect this when we carry out any of our services if required.

The monthly pest control service we provide allows businesses to have peace of mind and knowledge our experienced team will be on hand to solve any pest infestations, nest removal or insect and wasp issues.

There are numerous advantages to regular pest control when compared to one-off services to deal with a large pest infestation. Having a regular pest control service makes solutions to problems far more manageable and reduces the chance of any pest problems getting out of control. These more manageable and smaller services are also more cost-effective for your business. 

The knowledge for a business that any pest control services will be carried out by one of our highly-skilled and knowledgeable gives them peace of mind. Regular payment contracts allow clients to receive our service as many times as is necessary across the year whilst making monthly payments which provide a cost-effective solution to your pest control problems.

This type of monthly pest control service is perfect for a range of commercial entities. For landlords, hospitals and schools it is of great importance any pest issue does not get out of hand. Our monthly service gives clients the knowledge, that should a pest issue arise, Vermicure will be on hand to provide a reliable and quality service. To find out more about our monthly pest controls services, call 07951 157254 or, email

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