Our Pest Control Services

Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford & Pudsey

As an experienced, friendly, and humane team of pest control experts, we can handle any infestations or pets problems you have in your home or office. 

rat pest control

Rat Exterminator

Ridding and preventing rat infestations in Leeds and Wakefield, with expert equipment and professional knowledge

pexels genaro servin

Pigeon Nest Removal

Using a range of reliable and effective methods to get rid of pigeon nests and any bird nests in homes and businesses.

mice pest control scaled

Pest Control - Mice

Mice cause a variety of problems in your property as well as spreading diseases. We sort mice infestations efficiently and affordably. 

squirrel pest control

Squirrel Pest Control

Grey squirrels can cause a number of  issues from damage to plants and trees to digging up soil in your garden. Our Squirrel pest control service is effective and humane, dealing with the problem and preventing any further issues.

mole pest control

Mole Pest Control

Moles create huge problems for farm land and areas in the countryside. Tunnelling and molehills can contaminate produce. An experienced mole exterminator like Vermicure works quickly to find the source of the problem.

bees control

Bees Nest Removal

A bees nest in your home or place of work can cause huge issues, especially for people allergic to their sting. Bees nest in lofts, trees and outbuildings, but we’ll put your mind at ease with our affordable and responsible bees nest removal.

wasp nest

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are far more dangerous than bees. Their sting can be far more severe, especially to people with bee or wasp allergy. But, don’t worry. We’ll take care of your infestation with time efficiency and care. 

pest prevention

Prevention Pest Control

As well as eradicating and removing any pest issues you have, we can assess and prepare your property to prevent any further problems from arising. We’re experts who can evaluate the pest-proofing of your home at a competitive price.

insect pest control

Insect Pest Control

We offer insect pest control services for homes and businesses in Wakefield, Leeds, Castleford, and surrounding areas.  Insects are a nuisance to your home, so call us today for fast and effective insect pest control. 

rabbit pest control

Rabbit Pest Control

We provide time-efficient and cost effective rabbit pest control in Wakefield for landowners, farmers, and anyone suffering from rabbit pests on their property. Call today on to book our rabbit control experts.

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