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Rabbit Pest Control

Rabbit Pest Control in Wakefield, Leeds, Castleford, and surrounding areas

Rabbits are a major pest species for farmers and landowners in the UK. 

Rabbits cause agricultural sectors a huge amount of money year after year. The rabbit population must be controlled effectively in order to minimise the pest problem and reduce its negative impact on the economy. 

We are Wakefield exterminators who have developed fast, long-lasting insect pest control services that mean you can get back to normal quickly.

Areas We Cover:

  • Wakefield
  • Leeds
  • Castleford
  • Pontefract
  • Snaith
  • Selby

Wakefield ‘s Rabbit Control Experts

Rabbits, when not attended to with effective population control, overgraze land and cause reduced plant biodiversity. Without the correct rabbit pest control specialists, the pests cause a reduction in crop yields by competing with livestock for suitable pasture. 

Their burrows and scrapes lead to uncontrollable damage to erosion-prone soils such as clay and sandy soils. This unfortunately can leave farmers and landowners with ineffective and useless land

To prevent these sorts of extensive and incredibly damaging costs, we offer rabbit pest control services across Wakefield and surrounding areas

How it Works

We use trusted rabbit control techniques developed by professionals to effectively remove rabbit pests from your property or farmland.


Ferreting is the tactic we use as professional rabbit control specialists in Wakefield. Trained ferrets are used to draw out the pests from their burrows using their scent

Ferrets can be used as a form of pest control for many locations from under houses, decking and sheds, as well as drainage systems and ducts.

Why Ferreting?

We successfully remove the rabbits after we’ve carried out our pest control services, resolving you of any remaining tasks or responsibilities. With our rabbit control, everything is taken care of by us.

Ferreting is:
  • Highly Effective
  • Known for its high success rate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable

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