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Bird Mite Pest Control

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Bird mites are tiny insect pests that can be incredibly disruptive to your home or business. They target birds, such as feral pigeons and seagulls, but they can also bite humans.

The term bird mites doesn’t refer to one specific species but instead multiple types of avian mites that live on birds. Different bird species will bring different types of mites, but they can affect both domestic and wild birds.

So, while you are more likely to deal with bird mites if you keep chickens or other birds, any bird activity at your property, such as birds nesting on your roof or under solar panels, can lead to bird mites.

Once bird mites take hold of your space, they can be difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, Vermicure offers bird mite removal to homeowners and business leaders throughout Wakefield, Leeds, Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

Call 07951 157254 to book a pest control appointment with the experts at Vermicure and get rid of bird mites permanently.

Bird Mites on window ledge

Our Bird Mite Removal Process



When you get in touch about an insect problem, we can discuss the issue and work out if it’s bird mites or another insect pest.



Our team can visit your property to check for bird nests and find the source of the bird mites, as well as look for areas where they might be congregating, such as beds and other soft furnishings.



Once we know where the bird nest is and the scale of the bird mite problem, we can carry out the appropriate treatment, which might involve an insecticide treatment or fogging to get rid of the pests for good.



Our team will provide a full report of the treatment they have carried out for you and can arrange for additional pest control services, such as bird proofing.

Finding The Source Of Your Bird Mite Infestation

Bird mites require avian hosts to spread them and sustain their life cycle, so to ensure the infestation is fully eradicated, you need to identify and remove the source.

If you keep pet birds, then the first step is to check poultry houses and bird cages, as these will probably contain a large concentration of bird mites.

For those who don’t keep birds as pets, you need to consider other sources. Birds can build nests in roof spaces, chimneys, gutters, outbuildings or soffits. They can even nest in satellite dishes if they’re at the right angle!

To get rid of these bird nests and remove the mites from their source, you need experience and the ability to work at heights. The team at Vermicure can help you find and remove contaminated materials, as well as adult mites and their eggs.

As bird mites are most often spread by wild birds, particularly in cities like Wakefield and Leeds, we often recommend bird proofing solutions, including bird netting and spikes.

For homeowners with solar panels, we can also provide professional pigeon proofing for solar panels.

If you think you have bird mites or are dealing with nuisance birds, get in touch today to get the benefit of our expert advice.

Bird Mites in a nest

Book Bird Mite Pest Control In Wakefield And Leeds

Bird in flight

Bird mites can often be mistaken for bed bugs, fleas, dust mites or other small insect pests, but they are different.

Bird mites are tiny little arachnids that can cause itchy bites and lead to skin irritation for you, your family and other domestic animals in your home.

Once they find suitable hosts and a comfortable place to live, bird mites can quickly take over.

Despite their tiny size, you’ll soon notice their presence, and they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. They often lay eggs in fabric material, such as beds, sofas and other soft furnishings, and can be extremely difficult to remove.

So, to keep you, your loved ones and your pets safe, you need professional bird mite removal.

Our team can remove the existing bird mite infestation and prevent bird mites from returning to your space in the future.

Covering Leeds, Wakefield and the majority of West Yorkshire, Vermicure is the perfect choice for bird mite control.

To speak to a member of our team, call 07951 157254 and we’ll aim to attend your property as soon as possible to eliminate your pest problem.

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